Muon Accelerator R & D


Muon Accelerator R & D at Fermilab: The goal of the APC Muon Accelerator R&D Department is to develop intense muon facilities for future particle physics experiments, with a particular emphasis on the design, simulation, and technical development needed for Neutrino Factories and Muon Colliders. The R & D is pursued as a part of the national Muon Accelerator Program (MAP). The Fermilab contributions to muon accelerator R & D have emphasized (i) design and simulations for a front end muon source that produces 10^21 muons per year and manipulates them to fit within an accelerator, (ii) design and simulations of a multi-TeV Muon Collider ring, (iii) the development and testing of components for a muon ionization cooling channel, (iv) participation in the Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment (MICE) at RAL, and (v) leading contributions to the organization and management of the national R & D program.

Program Head: Peter Garbincius