Accelerator Physics Center Mission


Carry out research and development to keep Fermilab at the forefront of accelerator science, technology and facility operation in support of the Laboratory's high-energy physics research mission.

Accelerator Physics Center Vision

Our vision is to secure Fermilab's leadership in neutrino science with particle accelerators and in the development of particle colliders and their use for scientific discovery by:

  • conducting accelerator R&D aimed at next-generation and beyond accelerator facilities
  • providing accelerator physics support for existing operational programs and the evolution thereof
  • training accelerator scientists and engineers
  • establishing the necessary experimental programs for a broad range of accelerator R&D that can be accessed by both Fermilab staff and the world HEP community
We strive to contribute to enabling developments towards the science goals outlined in the 2014 Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel (P5) report, including design, construction and operation of the megawatt particle beams and multi-megawatt beams in the next steps; full exploration of the LHC physics potential and the collider upgrades; and general and directed accelerator R&D focused on dramatic improvement of cost effectiveness of mid-term and far-term accelerators.

APC activities are closely aligned with the major recommendations of the 2015 HEPAP Accelerator Research and Development Subpanel report with particular focus on "...construct the IOTA ring, and conduct experimental studies of high-current beam dynamics in integrable non-linear focusing systems" (Recommendation #2), " a collaborative framework among laboratories and universities that assures sufficient support in beam simulations and in beam instrumentation to address beam and particle stability including strong space charge forces" (Recommendation #3), and "...continue accelerator and beam physics activities and beam instrumentation and control R&D aimed at developing the acclerators defined in the [P5] Next Steps and the Further Future Goals." (Recommendation #14).

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