Awards and Honors

Exceptional Performance Recognition Awards (EPRA)

2016 Arden Warner, Kermit Carlson, Wayne Johnson

2015 Susan Winchester, Daniel Bowring, Alfred Moretti, Dean Edstrom, Jinhao Ruan, Daniel Broemmelsiek

2014 Margaret Bruce

2013 Alan Bross

2012 Yuri Alexahin, Henryk Piekar, Eric Prebys, Katsuya Yonehara

2011 Stephen Geer, Shekhar Mishra, Nikolai Mokhov, Giulio Stancari, Alex Valishev

2010 Yin-E Sun, Alexandr Drozhdin

2009 Eliana Gianfelice-Wendt

2008 Robyn Madrak, Andreas Jansson, Jim Steimel, Robert Webber

2007 Vsevolod Kamerdzhiev

2006 Yuri Alexahin

2005 Bill Ashmansk, Henryk Piekarz

APS/PRAB Robert H. Siemann Award

2015 - Vladimir Shiltsev

APS Outstanding Referees

Vladimir Shiltsev (2018)

Eliana Gianfelice-Wendt (2017)

Valery Lebedev (2015)

Tanaji Sen (2013)

Honorary Member of Lomonosov

January 2017 - Vladimir Shiltsev

RASA George Gamow Award

Nov 2016 - Vladimir Shiltsev

Nuclear & Plasma Sciences Society Awards

2015 - Jeffrey Eldred

APS Fellows

2017- Alexei Burov
Citation: For contributions to the accelerator physics theory, including the theoretical foundations of the Tevatron Run II accelerator performance; for the development of the theory of instabilities for space charge dominated bunched beams; and for the development of analytical tools predicting instability thresholds.

2013 - Mishra, C. Shekhar
Citation: For exceptional achievement in the creation and stewardship of international collaborations in accelerator and particle physics, especially in the Indian-American Agreement for Cooperation in the Area of Accelerator and Particle Detector Research and Development for Discovery Science.

2013 - Prebys, Eric
Citation: For his important contributions to the physics of beams and his exceptional efforts to shape the US - CERN collaboration enabling successful physics programs at the LHC and charting a course for US involvement in future LHC upgrades.

2008 - Shiltsev, Vladimir
Citation: For advancing the understanding of performance limitations in accelerators, in particular for seminal work on ground motion in electron-positron linear colliders and electron lens beam compensation in large hadron colliders.

2005 - Bross, Alan
Citation: For his pioneering efforts in developing the D0 fiber tracking detector.

2002 - Mokhov, Nikolai
Citation: For critical contributions to the understanding of the interaction of high energy particle beams with materials.

2001 - Geer, Stephen
Citation: For his leadership in the US effort towards a neutrino factory based on a muon storage ring.

1999 - Neuffer, David
Citation: For his many important contributions over the past two decades to advancing the concept of a muon collider.

Best Articles

December 2012 - Yin-e Sun & Philippe Piot received Outstanding PRST-AB Articles from 2011 for "Generation of relativistic electron bunches with arbitrary current distribution via transverse-to-longitudinal phase space exchange".

March 2009 - Shiltsev, Vladimir "Experimental studies of compensation of beam-beam effects with tevatron electron lenses" was chosen and will be part of a special collection: the NJP Best of 2008.

European Accelerator Prize

2004 - Shiltsev, Vladimir
Citation: For many important contributions to accelerator physics which include theory, beam simulations, hardware development, hardware commissioning and beam studies. In particular for his pioneering work on electron-lens beam-beam compensation.

Health Physics Society

January 2008 - Nikolai Mokhov received the G. William Morgan Lecturer Award from the President and Board of Directors of the Health Physics Society.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Senior Members

Elected in May 2014
  • Henryk Piekarz
  • Vladimir Shiltsev
  • Giulio Stancari
  • Robert Zwaska