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Accelerator Research User's Facility at


Advanced Superconducting Test Accelerator


The ASTA User's facility will support accelerator research program with SRF linacs (50 MeV and several hundreds of MeV energy beams) and a small storage ring IOTA with the capability of storing either electrons or protons. It will accommodate a broad range of beam-based experiments to study fundamental limitations to beam intensity and to develop transformative approaches to particle-beam generation, acceleration and manipulation which cannot be done elsewhere.

July 23-24, 2013 - 1st Advanced Superconducting Test Accelerator (ASTA) User's and PAC Meeting

Link to the proposal submitted to DOE 2/26/ 2013

ASTA Team:

ASTA Interim Director, Vladimir Shiltsev


Telephone: 630-840-5241


ASTA Program Advisory Committee Chair, Gerald Dugan


Telephone: 630-840-8907


Mike Church
Commissioning & Operations
J. Leibfritz
Installation & Engineering
Philippe Piot
Sergei Nagaitsev
Peter Garbincius
Program Office


ASTA Program Advisory Committee

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