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Workshop on the Future Directions of Accelerator R&D at Fermilab

Accelerator R&D has played a crucial role in enabling scientific discovery in the past century and will continue to play this role in the years to come. In the U.S., the Office of High Energy Physics (OHEP) of DOE’s Office of Science is developing a plan for national accelerator R&D stewardship. Fermilab undertakes accelerator research, design, and development focused on superconducting radio-frequency, superconducting-magnet, beam cooling, and high-intensity proton technologies.  In addition, we  pursue comprehensive integrated theoretical concepts and simulations of complete future facilities on both the energy and intensity frontiers. At present, Fermilab (i) supplies integrated design concept and technology development for a multi-MW proton source (Project X) to support world-leading programs in long-baseline neutrino and rare-processes experiments; (ii) plays a leading role in the development of ionization cooling technologies required for muon-storage-ring based facilities at the energy (multi-TeV Muon Collider) and intensity (Neutrino Factory) frontiers, and  supplies integrated design concepts for these facilities; and (iii) carries out a program of advanced accelerator R&D in the field of high quality beam sources, and novel beam manipulation techniques. 
Possibilities of the AARD along the third thrust, aligned with Fermilab’s underlying capabilities,  will be presented and discussed at the Workshop on the Future Directions of Accelerator R&D at Fermilab. The Workshop will:

  1. solicit and evaluate ideas that could be incorporated into a possible accelerator R&D program based on the ILC Test Accelerator in the New Muon Lab (NML) at Fermilab, which is currently under construction.  The Workshop will also solicit ideas for improving and refining the current NML design to further enhance  its R&D potential.
  2. solicit and evaluate advanced accelerator R&D proposals specific to enhancing the  potential of ongoing and planned Fermilab R&D efforts, including Project X, ILC, and Muon Collider. Special emphasis should be placed on efforts that are synergistic between these programs and/or utilize currently existing or planned facilities..
  3. solicit and evaluate ideas for future accelerator applications of great potential but not yet part of the current Fermilab planned program such as medical accelerators and accelerator driven systems (ADS), including those based on the currently envisioned Project X facility.

These ideas shall be discussed and coalesced into a written report, to be presented to Fermilab Management, which can then be used as the basis for a substantive R&D proposal for NML and the basis for further augmentation of the Fermilab accelerator R&D program.  The report shall review the motivation, relevance, and uniqueness of each R&D component.